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Market trends have changed the world of business, but something hasn‘t changed:

Sales, Supply Chain Management and After Sales Services are still the keys to success.

Best products, lowest costs and most efficient organizational structure will not allow to surviving in the market as long as the goods are not sold to the market as well as efficient and effective Supply Chain Processes, Logistic Structures and After Market Services are not in place.

But the new market situation requires new concepts for sales, supply chain and logistics as well.

•  Efficient sales processes have to make sure that success is not an accident. Success can be planned and the costs of sale have to be in line with the level of success.
•  Qualified and senior sales resources have to drive the business but their availability is often limited.
•  Cost pressure limit doesn‘t allow to have oversized sales organizations to be ready for each business situation. Sales resources are required on demand related to the specific needs.
•  Social legislation is limiting the flexibility to establish dynamic headcount with employed resources
•  New market segments have to be approached with limited risk and without long term obligations to be flexible and re-active for learning.
•  Specific local culture and market conditions have to be supported by selected resources.
•  Once a product, a project or a service is sold it has to be delivered.
•  Shortening product life cycles, rapidly changing customer needs, and breakthrough technological developments make the new product development (NPD), logistic concepts and after sales services challenging in most industries. In combination with increased pressure on margins and/or growth, managing the supply chain processes and the visibility on multi-tier level is a highly complex task for many companies.

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